1. On Economic, Social, Political and Environmental from Teachings of Kautilya, Buddha, Confucius, Khaldun, Young Marx and Gandhi
  2. On Implementation of programmes of Development

Abstract Submission date: March 15, 2018

Abstract of each paper (up to 150 words) on either
(i) lessons in economic development;
or in
(ii) lessons in Social development;
(iii) lessons in political governance
(iv) lessons in environmental management
in writings of either Kautilya or of Confucius or of Khaldun or of Young Marx or of Gandhi and Schumacher as well of papers on the actual implementation of lessons relevant for individual country should reach the following two email addresses:


Extension may be granted upon request.


If adequate number of good quality papers are presented at this seminar, then an edited book with best quality papers under Title: EMERGING DEVELOMENT ISSUES IN CONTINENTAL ASIA AND THE WORLD : INSTITUTIONAL IMPLICATIONS will be published by Nova Publishers in New York in the United States and a Proceedings also will be published with those remaining papers. The Seminar Proceedings will carry ISBN numbers.